Chetstone is currently for sale. visit

Chetstone Studios is back! For a limited time, Chetstone will be available for photography and video shoots, creative meetings and events, or summer studio usage. The architecturally-awesome Victorian Gothic manor offers light-soaked  rooms, shuttered windows, detailed trim, hardwood floors, and some great vintage props and furnishings. Chetstone is available for a limited time.

A creatives space

Chetstone the Studio

“The object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable.”


Over the last fifteen years, Chetstone has inspired much creativity and artistic expression. With its uniquely preserved historic interior, beautiful spaces and period details, the house has been a sought-after location for photography and video shoots.   Chetsone is currently listed on the CT Film Commission and has quite a large following on Facebook.  In addition to its popularity with photographers and videographers, Chetstone has also hosted workshops, music events and community art gatherings. Below are some of the works created at Chetstone.

as seen in...

Photographer Shoots

Photo Night at Chetstone

Photographers event at Chetstone

Dark Alice

by Laura DeCarlo Photography


photography by David Apuzzo


photography by Thaon Crocker


Black Trees (Official Video)

Wedding workshop

Joanna Fisher Photography

Rental pricing

Studio Rental

RENTALS for photographers.

Exclusive use of the whole house.

Rental rates are based on crew size, hours and use of property.

For small shoots/crews (under 4 people total) rental rates start at $75 per hour with a 2 hour minimum. $500 for full day use.

Chetstone is also available for movies and films. Rates are determined based on size of crew and overall production.

Please contact Ian to book a rental.

*A certificate of insurance (COI) is required prior to rental.


Chetstone is owned and operated by
Ian Christmann

Chetstone Manor

154 East Grand Ave
New Haven, CT 06513

Chetstone is currently for sale. visit